Carlos Simon is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine, University of Valencia; Scientific Director of Igenomix and ex-scientific director of IVI Foundation; Adjunct Clinical Professor, Dep. Ob/Gyn. Stanford University, USA; and Adjunct Professor, Dep. Ob/Gyn. Baylor College of Medicine, USA.


“Human reproduction is critical to the survival of the species, but is relatively inefficient and even more in infertile couples”.

As a scientist, Carlos Simon's career has been focused on the understanding of the mechanisms regulating the development of the human embryo, the maternal endometrium and how they synchronize to allow gestation to occur. In order to understand this, he has delved into the very foundations of biology, biochemistry and genetics, the most exciting journey.


Carlos Simon's commitment to his patients is not only to treat them, but also to innovate, teach and learn the latest techniques that will benefit future patients and doctors. The best reward is the happiness of couples who, not without suffering and fears, achieve their most important objective “a healthy baby at home”.


27 March, 2018

Prof. Simon joins the debate about mosaicism in the Wall Street Journal

28 October, 2017

Prof. Carlos Simón at ASRM 2017

25 September, 2017

A study led by Dr. Carlos Simon has drawn a connection between a defect of the maternal uterus and preeclampsia