Medical team

“A personal commitment to patients means not only attending them in consultation and trying to achieve the best clinical outcomes, but also innovating, learning the latest techniques, and teaching future generations. My dedication to these principles leads me to travel around the world to learn, teach, and transform all of this knowledge into the best-personalized treatments for patients who have placed their trust in me.

These efforts would not be possible without the constant hard work of my team, which comprises researchers, technicians, doctors, and nurses. This group of excellent professionals transmits my experience and enables the planned treatments to be carried out successfully.

This team — the experts whose vocation towards the patients is unquestionable and whose commitment extends beyond the medical treatments that I lead — has my utmost confidence in the quest to reach patients, who are the final recipients of years of study, clinical experience, and research in the field of human reproduction.”

“This review serves as a token of my gratitude and trust towards them.”

Carlos Simon MD, PhD