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Research by IGENOMIX, a biotechnology company specializing in genetic research, entitled ‘Evidence that endometrial microbiota have an effect on implantation success or failure’, published internationally in the American Journal of […]

In the 72nd ASRM Scientific Congress, which took place from 15th – 19th October in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA), Professor Simón, scientific director of Igenomix and IVI, presented a prospective […]

The research career of Professor Carlos Simón, Scientific Director of Igenomix and IVI, has been recognized during the opening ceremony of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for […]

After five years of work, IVI Foundation (FIVI) has published a study in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, in the Nature group, in which starting with fibroblasts (from skin) researchers […]

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The h-index is determined by the number of publications and the amount of citations per publication. The study simultaneously measures the quantity and quality of work conducted by researchers by […]

Electron microscope image showing a maternal exosome from human endometrial fluid binding to the mouse trophoectoderm. The embryo receives the contents of the maternal exosome to establish the first communication […]

Prof. Carlos Simon, Scientific Director at Igenomix, is one of the researchers taking part in this study. Scientists from Igenomix, University of Valencia, Stanford University and Oregon Health & Science […]

One of the great challenges of in vitro fertilization techniques is to be able to guarantee the viability of the transferred embryos to be implanted into the maternal uterus and […]

Igenomix presents an advance in non-invasive embryonic selection with an award-winning research which aims to generate sperm and egg cells by reprogramming skin cells. The research Direct conversion of human […]

Professor Carlos Simon, IGENOMIX and IVI’s Scientific Director and a Full Professor at the University of Valencia has been appointed Adjunct Clinical Professor of Stanford University’s Department of Obstetrics and […]

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